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Together against kid’s malnutrition

Donamos 250 litros de leche al Centro de Recuperación de Mendoza!

Today is a day to celebrate! Not because we have won a prize or anything similar. This time we are celebrating because Lares de Chacras and each one of our guests have helped many children who suffer from malnutrition.


How? Well, during July we had a special offer for our guests. It was neither a cash discount, nor a  stay 3 nights get one free offer. Nothing like that! It simply consisted of donating to Foundation Conin one liter of milk for each night spent in Lares de Chacras during July.

Conin was founded by Dr. Albino. It has already been fighting against kids’ malnutrition for 18 years, so that everyone gets the right diet to grow strong and healthy and to develop physical and mental skills.


We all together donated 250 liters of milk to Mendoza Recuperation Center!


We are so glad to have contributed our bit together with you, our guests!




Here we share with you Fundación Conin’s view:


A country with equal rights to everyone, where everyone can spread out their genetic potential, where all citizens can freely choose their path, without being restrained because of intellectual disability prompted by the community itself. Children`s malnutrition causes mental illness, the only one that can be prevented, the only one that can be reverted, the only one caused by human beings.


For further information about Fundación Conin visit:

Web page:

Facebook: Fundación Conin

Twitter: @FundacionCONIN

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